Help Us Raise The Mormon Stockade

Everywhere the Pioneers went they built a fort for protection, commerce and community.  It was no different here in our little San Bernardino Valley where the Pioneers erected a stockade out of concern for the Garra Revolt in 1851.  Help us re-create those days, one log at a time, "carve" your name into your log and stake your place in history. 

The Providential Heritage Academy is a Nonprofit California Corporation 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.

Providential Heritage Academy
at Mile High Ranch
12929 Mile High Rd., Cherry Valley, CA 92223
Tele: 909 844 5590  Fax: 909 797 4524

at Mile High Ranch in Cherry Valley, CA

"Temperature Tree" Total

<------------------- Goal:  $60,000

ok so we've got a little ways to go
but so did the Pioneers

<------------------- Raised to Date: $1350