Places to Stay & Local Farms in Area

Serendipity Ranch Bed & Breakfast
11520 Green Lane
Oak Glen, CA 92399
Serendipity Ranch offers an affordable getaway in Oak Glen. A relaxing night's stay with a full country-breakfast in the morning awaits you. If a member of your family attends a Providential Heritage Academy overnight event and your not ready to rough it, receive a 10% Room Discount at Serendipity Ranch.

Highland Springs Resort
10600 Highland Springs Avenue,
Cherry Valley CA, 92223
(951) 845-1151
Very close in Cherry Valley, about 15 minutes away. Great resort-farm setting.

Local Farms & Attractions
Providence Farm Organic Cherry Orchard 
40376 Brookside Avenue 
Cherry Valley  California  USA  92223
(951) 845-1210 

Normal Hours of Operation: 9am to 2pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday during Cherry Season. Thereafter Saturdays only 9am to 2 pm and other days by appointment. 

Guldseth Cherry Orchard
9150 whispering pines rd
cherry valley, CA 92223
951 845 2490

We are family owned and operated and have cherries in June and July, peaches in August and September and other fruits and vegetables from June through November from our stand in the orchard. We also have low-cholesterol eggs for sale. We grow organically and pick fresh daily and even as buyers come...often taking them into the garden to help pick. We started as a u-pick cherry orchard and encourage family envolvement and like to educate future "farmers" to grow their own. We use no pesticides or poisons. And horse and goat manure.

at Mile High Ranch in Cherry Valley, CA

The Providential Heritage Academy is a Nonprofit California Corporation  501(c)3 Charitable Organization.

Providential Heritage Academy
at Mile High Ranch
12929 Mile High Rd., Cherry Valley, CA 92223
Tele: 909 844 5590  Fax: 909 797 4524