Two Thousand Eighteen
in the Year of Our Lord

Living History Volunteer Days
Join us the 2nd Saturday of each month for fun, education, skills-learning and more.  Bring your 'tin tipee' or modern 'conestoga wagon' to stay the night on the Friday preceeding or Sat night and bring your fishing pole, don your best pilgrim or pioneer clothes, raise the stockade or just relax under the shade of the trees.

Pioneer Treks
We have about 15 pioneer treks scheduled March through Aug 2017.  If you have your own group of immigrants that would like to hit the trail or regale ours, just give us a call.

Old Fashioned Stockade Raising
Cut down that old pine or cedar tree in the backyard that is just making a mess and
come raise it up for the Stockade. Bring your group, family or church and
help us raise one log or two or three or . . .

U-PICK Apple Harvest
Sorry, the apples are convalescing  and may not recover

Hoedowns Hayrides
By Appointment
The Providential Heritage Academy is a Nonprofit California Corporation  501(c)3 Charitable Organization.

Providential Heritage Academy
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