After hosting heritage events and tours for years at Mile High Ranch and Riley's Farm, a few of us who have been part of the wagon train reenactment “movement” felt impressed to offer individuals and groups the opportunity to participate in the “ministry” of re-creating our providential past, since so many of our living history events and activities are participation-oriented.   We wanted to extend that participation to the creation of a hands-on organization, built by its members and visitors.   Headquarters is Mile High Ranch in Cherry Valley California,  but we  envision having home and satellite locations, so if you would like to offer a “school/s” near you, please let us know. 

We are building an organization from the ground up.  If you would like to be a part of this “growing” organization, or just receive some of the benefits of its services, please let us know.

Mission Statement
The Providential Heritage Academy aims to animate, dramatize and defend the faith, hope, charity and morality that motivated many of those who traveled ever westward from the New as well as the Old World for life, liberty, freedom, and prosperity.  Hundreds of historical accounts evidence Divine Intervention in the affairs of our forebears who sought to establish and maintain a City on a Hill from sea to sea. 

Vision Statement
No more perfect instruction comes to an individual than through the experience of teaching someone else.  Visitors learn by demonstrating and interpreting heritage and history to themselves and others. We envision visitors, “Students,” “Interns,” and all admitted to the Academy receiving “accreditation” in history, anthropology, sociology and educational teaching and counseling. 

The Academy is organized under 501 c3 rules as a charitable and educational organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the western heritage and culture that made our nation great.

If you would like to donate time, funds, or resources to the Academy as a charitable contribution, please contact us at your earliest convenience or sign the Guest Book below for more information. 
The Providential Heritage Academy is a Nonprofit California Corporation 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.

Providential Heritage Academy
at Mile High Ranch
12929 Mile High Rd., Cherry Valley, CA 92223
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at Mile High Ranch in Cherry Valley, CA