The Providential Heritage Academy is a new Living History Farm and Museum of our distinct American West heritage and culture; not a conventional Academy, but a Retreat into our providential past, a new dimension in learning, immersion and time-travel.  The Academy is a nonprofit, educational and charitable organization which encourages visitors and students to witness and participate in the re-creation of our providential heritage through the medium of “participatory” living history.  Historical tents and shelters, wagon trains, re-enactments, camps, musical and social events help to create the ambiance, but the magic lies in learning through participation. 

The Academy departs from the traditional museum because inspiring historical events and accounts are re-enacted not by “academicians," but by you, the visitors to the Academy who desire to learn by doing and self-discovery. 

The Providential Heritage Academy is a Nonprofit California Corporation  501(c)3 Charitable Organization.

Providential Heritage Academy
at Mile High Ranch
12929 Mile High Rd., Cherry Valley, CA 92223
Tele: 909 844 5590  Fax: 909 797 4524
at Mile High Ranch in Cherry Valley, CA

Trip to Oak Glen/Cherry Valley
An easy day trip from LA/OC/SD, located in the San Bernardino mountains (4-5000ft), a close 60-90 min. drive from most LA/OC/SD locations. It's fun for kids and adults alike. Several Local Farms and Shops plus entertainment
Things to Do & See

Sorry no cherries this summer, but check out, OP Rockwell, Chief Kanosh, Francis Webster and more are awaiting your visit.